Jack Of None - Profile

JACK OF NONE is an experimental rock / art band split between Manila, Philippines and Chicago IL, USA. It is comprised of siblings A.G. Syjuco (principal composer on guitar, bass and synths), Maxine Syjuco (poet-songwriter and vocalist), and Julian Syjuco (guitar).

The band's debut album, "Who's Listening to Van Gogh's Ear?" was released globally in April of 2016. It garnered critical acclaim, and was described as "haunting and thought-provoking"; "a brave new day for OPM (Original Philippine Music)"; "progressive and bold"; as well as "an odd, fascinating combination of poetry, art, and rock into a satisfying whole". The album received 3 nominations at the 15th Independent Music Awards (including Best Album in its genre), and was awarded "Best Album Design and Photography" at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in New York City in November of 2016.

The band's second album, "Who Shot Bukowski?" features much of the same dark, thought-provoking -- and at times -- disturbing themes that were beloved in the first record, but with a more evolved sound that showcases a penchant for densely layered sounds, as well as unexpected twists and turns in musical arrangements.

The siblings are the progeny of highly regarded multi-media artists Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco, who manage Art Lab in Manila, Philippines. Art Lab was a vital hub for multi-media experimentation in the 1990s, and now stands on a combined studio-and-exhibition space committed to continue its mission "to develop new directions and alternative new audiences for Philippine art".

MAXINE SYJUCO is a poet and visual artist from Manila, Philippines. She is the youngest daughter of artists Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco.

Working mainly with photography, digital collage, painting and installation art, her work "possesses an intimate, philosophical, and often twisted voice in storytelling. Manipulating faces, unveiling poignant surrealities, and probing into abandoned rooms of the subconscious, Maxine authors dark, thought-provoking introspections of the human condition and its fragility -- conjuring a netherworld where ghostly images exist neither here nor there."

Her first book of poetry, "A Secret Life," was published in 2008 and received critical acclaim. Her poems have been translated into Polish and French, and have seen print in several international anthologies including the Asia Literary Review, The Poet's Guild Quarterly, Chopin with Cherries, and the 2011 Rhino International Poetry Anthology.

Maxine's exhibits and poetry-performances have taken place in venues as varied as the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Tokiwa Museum of Japan, the Hangaram Museum of Korea, the Art Takes Miami Exhibition in the U.S.A., and others.

AG SYJUCO is the eldest son of artists Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco.

At age 15, he was the lead guitarist, composer and arranger for FAUST!, an art-rock band of prodigious siblings that was discovered by MTV Asia in 1996, quickly signed to a major label, and disbanded 2 years later after releasing 2 controversial albums that included the historic "My Secret Identity" (MSI) in 1998 -- probably the first full-length album in the Philippines to be released for free on the Internet by a group of commercially signed recording artists. Abandoning his professional interest in music for the next eight years, he graduated valedictorian (Summa Cum Laude) with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology from San Beda Alabang, and presently holds an executive position in a multinational tech conglomerate.

His more recent musical endeavors include co-producing his Father's critically acclaimed album, "A Sudden Rush of Genius". In Jack of None, A.G. serves as principal composer, guitar player and producer.

A.G. currently resides in Chicago IL with his wife, Mica, and their daughter, Muli.

JULIAN SYJUCO is the youngest of five children of Cesare Syjuco and Jean Marie Syjuco. He is both an accomplished painter and electric guitarist of note.

He was recently singled out as one of the bright up-and-coming new generation abstractionists, and was featured in the National Artist Jose Joya Retrospective in 2012.