"You have to hear it to believe it. We don't use the word 'genius' lightly, but this comes pretty close to it in terms of coherence in impressionistic verse, post-Baudelaire."
- Juaniyo Arcellana (The Philippine Star)
"This album is BRILLIANT - all the way through its twelve incredible songs, atmospheres and intense-degree of true art. Do NOT let this album pass you by!"
- Jer@SBS (Sleeping Bag Studios)
"The band creates a dark and heavy album that feels drone heavy, although never crosses into the screeched or roared vocals of the other metal genres."
- Owen Maxwell (The Scene Magazine)
"If you're like me and want to sit down and not just listen to, but truly experience something new and exciting, then look no further. This album is a must-have."
- Seth Adams (Tuned Loud)
"Raw, brutal, and beautiful. This is what music is all about. No, this isn't the only type of music, but if you can't sit and feel like this then you've missed the transcendent power of music."
- Rick Jamm (Jam Sphere)
"Jack of None's music is all about essence. Their forward-thinking compositions are almost like Russian dolls, as every intricate layer hides the next one."
- Ben Corke (Music Blogged)